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Win XP – Honeypot for Hacker Bees!

May 22, 2014 by Chetak Shankar

Flying Bee 16593916Have you ever owned a car that, over time, became more costly to maintain than to upgrade? We are all creatures of habit and don’t like to trade in a familiar product that we have used for years for something that is unfamiliar to us. But change is inevitable and nothing lasts forever. The same goes for software.

Now that Microsoft has cut the cord on Win XP support, organizations are more vulnerable than ever to hackers who can reverse engineer patches released for other versions of Windows to check for similar vulnerabilities in Win XP. Businesses and individuals are now looking at upgrading to Win 7 in order to avoid any security fiascos. However migrating from Win XP to Win 7 at large organizations is a complex and tedious task, further complicated by companies that have distributed servers and endpoints in various geographies. Some organizations have thousands of computers and endpoints that are using Win XP, which need to be migrated to Win 7 in a short period of time without affecting productivity and avoiding any data loss.

The organizations are concerned about the migration process taking too long for completion and at the same time affecting the day-to-day business activities. Any unsuccessful migration process from Win XP to a new OS might prove very expensive to the organization. Businesses may be contemplating on using multiple tools and technologies to make this migration process smooth and successful but this will only complicate the whole migration process. These concerns have caused the businesses to delay the migration from Win XP to a new OS which has now resulted in the increased risk of zero-day attacks.

With the time ticking and the hackers looking to exploit all possible vulnerabilities the organizations now need to act fast and look at smarter and easier ways of migrating away from Win XP. Businesses need a new approach through which they are able to migrate from Win XP to any new OS from a single console without needing too many IT staffs to spend their valuable time on this process. With IBM Endpoint Manager, we can make this task simple and painless, ensuring all systems are compliant with up-to-date software versions and anti-malware tools. IBM Endpoint Manager helps migrate from Win XP to a new OS in a simple and secure manner without obstructing the day-to-day business activities from a single console. This single solution and an automated approach frees up the IT staff who can now focus on learning the new OS and performing other higher value tasks. Attend the upcoming webcast, “Do your WinXP devices have an XPiration date?, to find out how you can implement a seamless and secure migration strategy with a few simple steps.

Also, share with us what you think are some of the best techniques that need to be considered while migrating from Win XP to a new OS.

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