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Predictions for storage management in 2014, Part 5: “Analytics”

February 7, 2014 by Steve Wojtowecz

untitled-1282932-mLine of business organizations have been using analytics to uncover new revenue streams and business opportunities for years.  Now, this technology is being turned inward and applied to the data center itself to drive operational efficiency.  Early adopters of this technology have been seeing a number of benefits driving greater data center efficiency.  Efficient disaster recovery will become standard practice, say even mandatory, for major markets. 

Analytics are going to play a major part in determining which data needs to be replicated at any given point in time.  Whether it be a full copy of the data set that is deemed to be mission critical and bandwidth is economically feasible, or partial data sets where in areas like emerging markets, high bandwidth connections are still extremely costly, if they even exist.  Analyzing data and deriving meaningful information from it will identify points in time when clients’ need to decrease their RPO (recovery point objective) because their business cycle demands it.  At quarter end for a manufacturer, every month for a retail company to track sales records to better manage inventory, continual analysis of emergency room data to predict flu epidemics and so on.  This level of insight and predictability starts to dabble into the notion of cognitive computing as applied to storage and the data it holds.

Operational analytics will also be applied for productivity / performance gains for the infrastructure itself, like auto-tiering data for priority applications across heterogeneous hardware platforms.  Data classification technologies will become a key requirement for storage software to help customers ‘see’ what they have (in legacy and new workloads) and what they can delete or down-tier to reclaim storage space and save money.

So, the storage and data protection world in 2014?  Boring and un-eventful…. NOT!

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