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Predictions for storage management in 2014, Part 3: "Impatience"

February 5, 2014 by Steve Wojtowecz

bus-queue-v-177934-mWell, it’s happened.  Society’s impatience with technology has reached the data centers.  All types of admins (server, storage, network, VM, etc) want the big red “EASY” button.  Easy installs, easy to use, easy to administer, easy to switch technology providers, user friendly, and of course everything should just work.  The old science of the admin is waning fast, and those that still carry that title are retiring.  We will progress to the point where users (traditional desktop as well as mobile) will be able to switch back and forth between various storage devices, connections, vendors, and options seamlessly and with virtually little trouble.  Similar to the way mobile devices can choose different Wi-Fi connections today.

This level of capability will require technologies to be implemented in an open and collaborative way.  Open source platforms such as OpenStack will continue to gain more momentum as organizations begin to realize the value in an open system and as price continues to decline for ever growing levels pf performance, organizations will begin to look at alternatives to traditional storage vendors and embrace open source.  OpenStack will progress and be adopted at a much faster rate than other historical open source innovations – such as Linux when it was released – in an effort to deal with SSD and Flash sprawl.  Once clients get comfortable with the implementation of OpenStack for their primary storage, they will quickly innovate to implement backup and snapshots of VMs for heterogeneous hypervisors to improve the economics across the entirety of the data systems.

This is the third in a series I’m doing this week on storage management trends for 2014; check out Storage Predictions for 2014 Part 1, and Storage Predictions for 2014 Part 2. What are your predictions for storage management in 2014? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, or connect with me on Twitter at @steve_woj.