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Open collaboration with IBM to advance the cloud

December 4, 2012 by Cynthya Peranandam

There’s growing chatter not just about the benefits of enterprise cloud implementations but also the need for true cloud orchestration to seamlessly standardize, integrate and manage the myriad of capabilities that optimize a data center.


At IBM, we’ve seen customers achieve great results with these solutions. For example, using IBM SmartCloud Provisioning, service provider DataBalance achieved over 99.99 percent uptime and decreased labor costs by 60 percent — saving employees an estimated 35-40 hours every month. And Dutch Cloud reduced its administrative workload by 70 percent due to automation best practices.


After implementing cloud orchestration, Citi slashed server provisioning times from 45 days to less than 20 minutes, and increased support capacity of systems administrators from 50 servers to more than 600 servers in the cloud, resulting in faster delivery of new features to customers.


These are just a few success stories of businesses that have reaped the benefits of advanced cloud. Continuing the drive toward transparent development and collaboration, IBM has now made available the latest open betas for cloud provisioning and orchestration, allowing the community to get early access to code and provide feedback to impact the final solution development.


Join the Cloud Provisioning and Orchestration development community to test out the latest cloud solutions and provide feedback to impact development. Learn more about how cloud orchestration can help your business.


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