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Super Mobility Week CSP Operations Teams: Are you enabled to manage 4G-LTE network customer experience?

Are you pro-actively managing the network to provide the user experience expected by your most valued customers? Do Network Operations automatically know which network issues have the highest business impact and should be prioritized

Hot off the press: IBM Endpoint Manager for Data Centers

Today the data center has become a maze of complexity. Higher infrastructure and labor costs along with falling data center budgets put pressure on data center manageability. The top priorities in managing the data

Utilizing IBM Endpoint Manager to patch Tivoli Workload Scheduler agents

Have you ever experienced the pain of upgrading your IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler agents to the next release? It is a time-consuming task that requires very careful planning. In general, manually patching large software

Streamline Windows 7 migration with IBM Endpoint Manager

In what stage is your organization with respect to migration from Windows XP to Windows 7? Do you still need to migrate, or are you in the middle of a cumbersome migration process? Are

IBM Endpoint Manager for Data Centers: Here’s what you need to know

Can you imagine managing the entire lifecycle of one or several servers from within a single, unified interface? This means data center management from the creation of the server through provisioning, securing, patching, maintenance

How an endpoint management project reduced server security risk and improved efficiency

Server patching is largely a manual effort that can cost hundreds of hours per month for Windows servers (2003, 2008, 2012, Exchange and SQL Server). If a mistake is made in patching these “mission-critical

Extracting data from IBM Endpoint Manager

Have you ever been asked how to extract selective data from the IBM Endpoint Manager solution (also known as IEM)? When the solution is deployed over all devices, one of the hot topics is

Win XP – Honeypot for Hacker Bees!

Have you ever owned a car that, over time, became more costly to maintain than to upgrade? We are all creatures of habit and don’t like to trade in a familiar product that we

From chaos to nirvana: Overcoming the Heisenberg principle in infrastructure management

The Heisenberg principle, or uncertainty principle, was presented in 1927 by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Dr. Heisenberg theorized that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at

The world of SAM: Identification and tools

SAM I am, and my world is software asset management. You’re not going to believe the number of tools that must recognize the fingerprints of the many software products I manage. In my last blog