Why Home Builders Invest from a Case Construction Dealer

Home builders rely on construction equipment for multiple tasks that must be performed in order to enable construction projects, and reliability with a long lifecycle matters the most. For these two reasons alone, the most experienced home building firms contact a Case construction dealer for heavy machinery to compose their fleet. But why do the most successful home builders trust Case over other brands? This article will help to explain why.

You Get 24/7 Repairs from a Case Construction Dealer

Home builders have strict deadlines to follow. In some cases, failure to meet a deadline in a construction phase impacts the loan’s available funds that are dispersed from the buyer’s bank or lender to the builder. But if such a loan is not the case, a delay can still rack up thousands in unforseen costs that, 90 percent of the time, the builder eats. When backhoes, dozers, excavators and other pieces of construction machinery break down, quick repairs are crucial. When you build your fleet from a Case construction dealer, you have peace of mind knowing that repairs and rentals are available 24/7, rain or shine.

There is Likely a Case Construction Dealer Near Your Headquarters or Work Site

Another reason why home builders invest from a Case construction dealer is due to their availability and multiple locations across the country. When spare parts, repairs, rentals, or purchases are needed, knowing a Case construction dealer is nearby makes operations for the builder so much easier. For example, Sonsray Machinery has the highest numbers of Case construction dealerships on the west coast, making the brand an ideal choice for construction firms. They have a Case construction dealer in multiple Southern California locations, Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. And all of these dealerships are just from one authorized Case dealer.

You Get True Innovation from a Case Construction Dealer

Home builders trust their investment with Case because the brand is a true innovator. When you buy a backhoe from a Case construction dealer, you are investing in equipment that the brand actually invented. Back in the 1940s Case designed and engineered the world’s first backhoe for a water utility company in Massachusetts. They had specific needs that no other single piece of construction machinery could meet, so Case created the solution and as a result they are regarded as a true pioneering force in the world of construction equipment. Clearly, home builders that depend on reliable solutions to complex problems will invest in equipment from a Case construction dealer, given the brand’s history and reputation for designing the best machines for home building needs.