3 Main Reasons Why You Should Add a Phone Charging Station to Convention Centers

Convention centers are money-making mega forces for cities and individual organizations. Whether there is a tradeshow passing through town, or a world-famous convention like Comic Con, convention centers are a major source of revenue for cities and the companies that host them. And when you can attract more vendors, organizations and attendees, your ability to hit high-revenue targets climbs significantly.

One way to help keep your city’s convention center attractive and highly relevant as a potential space for housing major events and conferences is based on what kind of guest experience it fosters. This means the amenities need to reflect the needs of your clientele’s personas. This can be tricky, as convention centers attract multiple types of people from car enthusiasts to toy collectors, and from political rallies, to industry specific spaces. But one thing all people have in common is they are addicted to their cell phones, tablets, and portable devices. When one’s cell phone battery begins to run on its last leg people worry, they lose interest in what they are doing, and they seek an outlet for charging their mobile device. Due to this commonality people of all backgrounds share, cities and executive board members seek top companies that design a custom phone charging station for convention centers, and multiple charging stations at that. As they know a multi-device phone charging station in numerous locations throughout a convention center will attract and retain their vendors and general foot traffic.

This article is intended to help urban planners and executive board members that make overall design decisions on their city’s convention center learn the value of adding multiple cell phone charging stations throughout the space.

A Cell Phone Charging Station Encourages People to Stay and Spend

There is a certain model of cell phone charging station that allows convention center attendees the ability and confidence to leave their device charging while they shop the floor. Cell phone charging lockers allow people to secure their mobile devices as they juice up the battery, giving  users the ability to wander at will and not worry about device theft. There are also charging carts and cabinets that users can safely store and love their devices in. Cabinets, carts and charging lockers make for an ideal phone charging station to place throughout the floorplan of a large convention center.

Invest in a Phone Charging Station for Users who Need to Plug in and Work

About half the people who attend events at convention centers do so for work-related reasons. That said, having charging tables and charging work stations is ideal, as guests can plug in their laptops and tablets and finish their work-related tasks. Work and charge stations enable on-the-go users who need to stay on the convention floor but also work on various documents do both at the same time. Convention center planners can opt for collaborative power tables to wall-mounted workstations that make the most of smaller spaces and give users more privacy in multi-purpose environments.