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Advanced Supply Chain Management: Maximo and Emptoris, Better Together

November 11, 2013 by Kevin Buonagurio

I’ve had many opportunities in these blogs to grandstand about the next ‘big’ thing for Maximo’s supply chain functionality. We have discussed high-level strategy and release objectives. We’ve been down ‘in the weeds’ with specific bits of product functionality.

Today I want to discuss the next, ‘next big thing’….and it’s not next, it’s now. Emptoris.

Emptoris is a developer and provider of strategic supply and contract management software including applications for spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier lifecycle management, services procurement, compliance management and telecom expense management.

IBM completed the acquisition of Emptoris in early 2012. Emptoris is a great fit for many areas of IBM’s portfolio, but perhaps the most natural fit is the compliment of Emptoris and Maximo.

Simply put, Emptoris is a great solution for customers to fill in their advanced supply chain requirements that are not covered by the core supporting functionality included in Maximo.

The graphic below demonstrates a natural fit in the DNA of supply chain management, and how we expect customers can derive the most value from the two solutions:



As I mentioned, this is all……..now. There are many Maximo implementations around the world leveraging Emptoris via a ‘field-implemented’ integration, and these solutions are yielding very positive results.

If we look down the road, we have set our sights on tightening the relationship between Maximo and Emptoris. We are looking for natural synergies and ways that we can leverage the best of each product in a more seamless solution to not only deliver great functionality, but to do it with the lowest possible implementation requirements.

This process has only just started, but we are excited to share information with you as it unfolds… Look for more coverage in these blogs, at the various user group meetings and of course, at Pulse 2014.

Are you already an Emptoris/Maximo user that would like to share your experience or perhaps join us as a development partner for this undertaking? Feel free to drop me a line at kbuonagu@us.ibm.com or share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.