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Identifying network issues affecting your critical business applications

A customer of yours has just posted a message to a social media forum. He can’t complete a mobile deposit transaction. He asks ‘Are the servers down?’ ‘Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

Why IBM Tivoli customers should be upgrading their IBM Performance Management solutions

Application Owners and IT Operators have been choosing IBM solutions to monitor their applications and infrastructures for years. It therefore comes as no surprise that IBM Performance Management solutions, encompassing IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM),

Mobile carrier utilizes IBM Netcool solution for LTE

When a US mobile CSP wanted a new Operations Support System as part of its investment in LTE, it first spoke to the key company personnel who are on the front lines in delivering

IT service management: Your client doesn’t care if the server is up

Picture an IT manager who is proudly presenting a set of charts to his clients indicating that all is well with the world, only to be blasted by an irate business line manager armed

Do you need an agent?

I have been consulting with clients for many years, and there’s one topic that comes up on a regular basis: should IT service management be agent-based or agentless? This can quickly become a heated debate,

How to avoid false events and tickets

In my previous blog post, “Five reasons to avoid false events for your business,” I shared the negative effects of false events and reasons to avoid them in your business. In this blog post,

Fun testing the beta release of IBM APM SaaS

In this blog post I want to talk about what I learned while I was testing the IBM Application Performance Management (APM) software as a service (SaaS) solution. In addition to the usual fun

A quick beginner’s guide to Workload Automation Application Catalog

Are you new to Workload Automation? The Application Catalog can help you! The Workload Automation SaaS solution includes a growing set of ready-to-use applications covering a large number of categories. Each application is equipped with a video

How to add a Maximo field to an IBM Maximo Anywhere work list

Is there a specific field that is available by default in IBM Maximo Asset Management (in the Work Order Maximo business object—MBO) that you want to show in the work list (main screen) for

Advanced asset inventory analytics – simplified!

IBM Maximo Inventory Insights automatically optimizes parts and materials to reduce inventory costs and ensure availability for all enterprise asset types. This predictive inventory optimization helps to right-size the inventory to help reduce excess