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Count down to new Maximo

In recent years, we have seen a transition from software that is formally rolled out to a user community, to an environment where users are often expected to ramp up without formal training. User

The problem isn’t always in the code

Meet Todd, the app expert, the code guru, the one who set up the whole infrastructure for your new web app, and the guy everyone turns to and relies on. In comes a trouble ticket:

Five critical features to look for in lease accounting software

New lease accounting standards will require new or upgraded software to ensure audit readiness Finance and real estate executives agree that new or upgraded lease accounting software is required to prepare for new lease accounting

What matters to transit operators?

If you have followed Maximo Mary’s Microphone over the last few months, you have seen a big focus on public transportation and the importance of having a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution to address

Data in the world of dynamic hybrid cloud

In the midst of 2015 planning cycles, I want to take a moment to reflect on 2014 as I embarked on a year focusing on some of the defining trends, such as software-defined storage

Say “hi” to hybrid APM

Hybrid cloud has been gaining rapid momentum to become a standard architecture and cloud strategy, rather than simply used as a transition point. With this change comes the evolution of application architecture and management. How

Using the Cloud to improve economics: A journey into DevOps

In the last post of the “Journey into DevOps” series we talked about the second principle in continuous delivery: a culture of test automation. We needed to introduce some forcing functions into our team

Why protecting your data can help drive better results

Similar to the sky gazer trying to make sense of the zillion stars shining on a clear summer night, the data scientists in business organizations are looking at a digital world that is becoming

Building a culture of test automation: A journey into DevOps

In the last post, we talked about the first principle in continuous delivery: building a good safety net. We invested in a reliable rollback system so we could quickly get healthy again when we

How to save time, reduce costs and innovate in the era of cloud

In part 1 of this blog series, “Become an IT Superhero to your business (and your boss),” I provided an overview of our capabilities along with real results that our customers have achieved. Before

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