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Enable your Workload Automation SaaS agent to run SAP R/3 jobs

In my previous post, “Workload Automation: What is in the box?” I described how you can use the R3Batch SAP certified module to connect to your SAP system. With it, you can orchestrate your

GUI or CLI? Get the best of both!

If you are someone that uses job scheduling software, you’ll probably appreciate the importance of “keeping things under control.” IBM Workload Automation – offered as both SaaS and on-premise solutions – provides a revolutionary method

End User Monitoring: key to improving user satisfaction

With the growth of web and mobile apps, the app owner’s focus has shifted from keeping his app infrastructure available to keeping his users happy. Hence, End User Experience Monitoring has evolved as one of the

Six steps to a fully scalable IBM Workload Automation environment

Is your IBM Workload Automation environment big enough to manage your workload? You may have thought yes but then eventually discovered that this is not the correct question to ask. Instead you should be

What does the new IT support model look like?

In the old days of information technology (IT), the typical IT support model was what I would call a SORM model. That acronym stands for “slap operator, reset machine.” When a user had a

Simplify your application using Workload Scheduler Service in Bluemix

Have you ever had the need to implement an application that requires running actions in a specific time window? Does your application need to perform repetitive actions? Would you like your application to send

Workload Automation: what is in the box?

Did you know? The Workload Automation Cloud agent contains the R3Batch SAP certified module to connect to you SAP system. It communicates with your SAP system to start the job and return its status.

Understanding mainframe security

Many people probably won’t believe it, but mainframe security is incredibly simple to understand, and its model could easily be adopted by other platforms and applications. The only thing that is needed is a

Heartbleed, Shellshock and breaches: Be prepared!

Our systems are at risk. It is impossible to deny it—my inbox has been overwhelmed with articles about the Bash bug (Shellshock) that was disclosed in the last week of September. This year, the

Why should you care for capital planning within TRIRIGA?

One of the benefits of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like TRIRIGA is that users know that the information they use is open to all users at all levels. As such, while the use